Combination of Pizza & Jazz – Genius !!!

Jazz Pizza Express!!

Scrumptious Pizzas & Drinks and enjoy Live Jazz Music performance  – Ideal night out !! 


Recently I have been to a night out with some amazing Journalists and Media influencers at ‘Dare to Flare’ event by ‘Jazz at Pizza Express’ ! We had a tasting of some of their brand new dishes in the menu! It was a night filled with delicious food , drinks and live Jazz music 🍕🍷🎤🎸❣!Fun part of evening was we tried our hand at dough flaring and also made our own versions of pizzas! I never knew it would be so much fun to whip up a pizza like a expert. 😂😆  For my surprise, my pizza actually tasted so good 😳🤗.


JAZZ PIZZA EXPRESS is a well known spot for stylish Italian food and live music entertainment. Their menu has wide range of Pizzas, Pastas, Risotto, Salads & so on !

Now onto their food based on what I tasted ;


  1. Green Olives ( 20 AED) – Large green Sicilian olives. It was very juicy & fresh, making it the best olives I ever had.
  2. Roasted tomatoes(20 AED) – Herb marinated slow roasted tomatoes. It was flavorsome though  I’m was not a fan of it.
  3. Dippio Dough balls (32 AED with 3 dips)- This was one of their hit starter. It’s a pizza dough balls severed with some interesting dips like Sun dried tomato & Walnut, Olive Tapenade , Chickpeas & Garlic , Pesto and Garlic Butter! All the dips were very delicious with dough ball .👍🏼👍🏼




  • Bresaola, Burrata & Figs (84 AED) – A classic and  ‘must-have’ Salad from this restaurant. It tasted scrumptious like really delishhhhh !!!! It’s basically Burrata cheese with Walnuts, Beef Bresaola, Baby spinach &  Wild rocket in Balsamic & Olive oil dressing! The Burrata was so creamy & soft  with greens & walnut adding a crunch to the salad.



  • Penne al Bresaola e Rucola ( 68 AED)-  creamy penne pasta with fresh rocket & beef bresaola in parmesan, nutmeg & parsley sauce. It was too creamy in texture for my liking (may be its just me) . Not one of the best from their menu.


  • Risotto Pollo e Funghi (68 AED)- I’m still drooling over this dish. Don’t judge this restaurant by its name ‘Pizza Express ‘ , it’s not just pizza – they have much more & best Risottos!!!!  Creamy risotto with chicken, chestnut mushrooms, pesto & pine kernels. It was finished with rocket & Parmesan! It was so delicious and yet another ‘must-have’ from this restaurant.


ROMANA ( A larger, thinner, crispier base pizza from Rome)



  1.  Margaretha Bufala  (80 AED)- it’s their classic and most loved pizza ! It’s a thin crust pizza with Buffalo Mozzarella, fresh basil leaves, tomatoes & olive oil!
  2. Valtelin (78 AED) – Yet another their iconic pizza with beef bresaola, wild rocket , shaved Parmesan , passata & fontina cheese!
  3. Pollo Forza (74 AED) – This was my favorite romana! It had a topping of smoked paprika chicken, peppers & finished with Parmesan and chili oil , making it bit spicy!!! Andddddddd it was delishhhhhh!!!

All the pizza were really delicious with crispy crust. My favorite one however was the Polla Forza which was really palatable with brilliant taste! You got to try this spot to know it.



  1. Chocolate Fondant (32 AED) – Warm chocolate fondant with chocolate orange center & served with homemade galeto. Not one of the best chocolate fondant I have had but very decent one.
  2. Mango Panna Cotta (24 AED) – Italian mango custard with mango sauce & fresh cut mango slices. Though it didn’t wow me much but it was pleasing to eyes.
  3. Butternut Squash Cake (26 AED) – Yes you heard me right – A squash cake & it was wooooow!!!!!! Look like any other carrot cake but tasted so much better!!! This is a must-have dessert from this restaurant. I LOVED IT !!!!!!!!

My verdict;

I highly recommend this place for some good Italian food with drinks & enjoy live jazz music! This is the spot where Pizza Marry Jazz!!!


Jazz Pizza Express

Next to Movenpick Hotel,

Cluster A ,



TELEPHONE : 044416342


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