Pre Ramadan Iftar Preview at Centro Sharjah

 C.Taste, Centro Sharjah by Rotana !


Over the weekend I was invited by beautiful JivewithDeepti for an Iftar preview at C.Taste, an event organised by Centro Sharjah &  JWD PR &  Events. It was an evening filled with scrumptious food & good time catching up some amazing bloggers. However, the fun part of evening was, we tried our hand on Ramadan theme Cake decorating as team & we sucked at it (anyways lol). It was the fun competition sponsored  by Centro Sharjah & the winner team took away a Staycation at Centro.

Chef Hasan & team has cooked up a very appealing Iftar menu which will be apparently  available for the whole month of Ramadan. The menu had wide range of Traditional Emirati, Syrian, Jordanian, Egyptian & Palestinian delicacies.  To start off , it had an array of Salads, Cold & Hot Mezze comprising of fresh greens, gourmet salads & Dips. Quinoa Salads, Tabbouleh, Hummus with pita bread,Spicy Potatoes &  Ful Medames were really good and were my favorite starters.


The main-course was all about Traditional dishes even though they served few intercontinental dishes too. The dishes that stood out in main-course were;

  1. Chicken Kabsa – It is a traditional rice dish in which flavorsome rice and chicken cooked in array of Middle Eastern spices.  It was delicious with perfect play of flavor.
  2. Lamb Cutlets with Stuffed Zucchini & Grape leaves – One of the best dish from the menu. The Stuffed Zucchini and Grapes Leaves were slowcooked to perfection with Lamb Cutlets & was served in simmering Lemon Broth. The meat was very palatable and it has been concocted in lemon broth with herbs and minimal spices. The stuffed grape leaves were the star of the dish.image
  3. Fish & Eggplant in tomato base gravy – My favorite seafood dish from the menu. Fish fillet were cooked to perfection in tomato base  gravy with Eggplant. This flavorful dish tasted perfect.

There were also dishes like Pastas, Curries, Grills and much more.



The dessert counter was my favorite part of whole feast. Most of the desserts were beautifully presented which added a visual appeal . Some of the brilliantly tasting desserts were Mango pudding (It was the best- I LOVED IT) , Umm Ali, Peanut Baklava, Chocolate Mousse Cake,Strawberry Mousse & much more.image

Overall I enjoyed the iftar feast. Priced at 99 AED per head, the food and service were impeccable with an astounding hospitality.



Centro Sharjah,

Next to Sharjah Airport,

Saif Zone,








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