Life is too short to eat bad Burgers!!

Burgerfuel – Fuel for Human engine !!


The quest for best burgers in Dubai will end at Bugerfuel – Serving some delicious burgers that will definitely satisfy your carving!  They use 100% pure grass fed beef, hormone free chicken & freshest, healthiest, most wholesome ingredients, free from artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, additives and GE modifications . They also offer gluten free, vegetarian & vegan options on their menu. Now that’s like a BONUS!!!!

My love affair with Burgerfuel had got real. Being residing very close to their Jumeirah Road Branch, it’s my go-to late night burger spot (Yes I do that – Let’s grab a BF at 2 .am or you can call it as a early breakfast 😉 ). Days like this, when you devour a BF 🍔+ Sweet potato fries🍟 + Vanilla Milkshake  🍼+ Skip Gym – NO REGRET AT ALL 💁🏻

Their outlets are very metallic & chic with a Classic beast Dodge Monaco 1967 parked in their parking lot (highlight!!!). But at the end of it, Burgerfuel is all about GOOD burgers!!

Mostly devoured & my most loved items from BF menu;

  • Hot Rod (36 AED)- It’s one of my favorite burger from BF. Beef patty + Melted Cheddar+ BF Chili Salsa – so freaking GOOD!! The ingredients compliments each other so well without overpowering the juiciness of thick beef patty.

  • Chook Royale(35AED) – Another favorite burger with juiciest grilled chicken breast & packed with flavors. It’s the best chicken burger you will ever find in Dubai- Not exaggerating, just giving you the real deal!!


  • Sweet Potato Fries+Natural BF Aioli(18 AED) – This is probably the only fries I can finish wholly (NO HELP REQUIRED) . The crunchy fries went perfectly well with BF Aioli. A must-try side order from BF.
  • Vanilla milkshake(20 AED)- Burger + Milkshake- Perfect cheat meal goal!!! You can’t really miss the Vanilla milkshake from BF- It’s so freaking YUM (I swear by it – You have to try to know it)!!

The listed above are my personal favorite picks.BF offers much more varieties of burgers and sides. You also have an option to customize your own burgers (Built own burger with 2 beef patty & add all your favorite add-ons & the sauces oozing out of it – get dirty in BurgerFuel way😜).

Let me end it with where it started, Life is too short to eat bad burgers so GO GRAB A BF BURGER!!!!!
For their outlet locations in UAE (Click here)

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