Sea view Ramadan Tent, Kempinski Ajman

Media Iftar Preview

Iftar at Seaview tent Kempinski Ajman was all about amazing Arabian hospitality and a beautiful spread of Iftar staples. The Sea view Tent overlooking the beach was beautifully set. The resort ambiance of Kempinski Ajman added a zing to Tent’s aura.

The buffet was focused on regional special Iftar staples.  A small plate of dates and dried fruit and a glass of Laban ayran were served to our table as we were being seated. After breaking our fast we head to buffet reflecting the delicious cuisine offered by the hotel.

The buffet was divided into seven sections . The drink section serving juices like  qamar al deen, tamer hindi and jallab. Apart from that, there was an amble serving of fresh juices, teas and coffee served at the table.

Also there was soup section serving Lentil soup &  Potato leek soup with some delicious freshly baked breads.

The Cold Mezzeh & Hot Mezzeh section was highlighted with servings of hummous, moutabel, fattoush, tabouleh, warak enab, large variety of oriental and international salads with selected garnish and lettuces,  kibbeh ,spanish fatayer and cheese sambousek.

Everything was delicous, lite, refreshing and seemed healthy too. Fattoush salad, orient salad (egg salad & pasta salad), moutabel & kibbeh stood out particularly. I couldn’t stop devouring these, making me full half way through.

Ahead of it, main course section was awaiting with serving of dishes like Whole Ouzi with rice, Mixed grill (lamb kebab , shish taouk & kofta) , Full nabet (bil laban and blitz) ,Sautéed vegetables, Maklouba chicken, Lamb daoud bash, Dajaj bal furin, Fish tajin, Beef sharhat, Indian dish and Vermicelli rice. The iftar staple ,enormous serving of whole ouzi with rice was the highlight of our iftar. The meat was very succulent and flavorsome with right balance of khaleeji spices. It was absolutely delicious. Also I liked the mixed grills which was beautifully tender.  Vermicelli rice being a common dish, but I like it particularly from this spot.

There were live stations of Shawerma, Manakish & Pasta with the chef is on hand to assist you with any choices. 

Heading to my favorite section DESSERTS!!  It was set beautifully with lavish spread of  Arabic and international sweet treats. The Arabic delicacy stood out with most amazing Lugaimat, kunafa & much more. I couldn’t stop drolling- Yes it was few of the best Arabic sweet course I have tried. I also loved the Green tea ,white chocolate & brownie trifle shots. It was  an absolute treat for palate. Dig on one when you dining there. Few of the desserts were just hit or miss. 

With much satisfied tummy unwinding in a resort ambiance, we were served with Moroccan tea and sheesha – a blissful ending.

The staff were caring and knowledgeable and will assist you in everything. Also, their Iftar menu is in the rotation pattern so that we can indulge in different dishes for whole week & consequently it will be repeated .  

Having endless iftar options in UAE, The Seaview Ramadan Tent at Kempinski Ajman is the best available from northern Emirates.At pricing AED 140 per person it’s worth a try !!!

For reservations Contact  +971 6 714 5582 or at



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