Escape Quest – Live Escape Game

Ready for something really trippy and really different? Then let me guide you to the most mysterious game room ‘The Lab of Dr Zol’ at Escape Quest.

About Escape Quest:

Escape Quest is one of the most thrilling Live Escape Game House in Dubai. Basically, you will be locked in a themed room and will be given your objective to escape from room by cracking the codes and finding the keys. It’s up to you to figure out not only how to make that happen, but how to play. Each puzzle you will encounter is abstract and requires a different solution, but you will need to explore and experiment on your own to figure out what sorts of things interact with others. Their game rooms will really get your brain working – there’s no googling the answer and it’s a challenge for everyone.  The game is all about race of 3 T’sTime, Tactics & Team!!

Currently Escape Quest has 3 game rooms;

  • The Explorers Library (Room 1)
  •  The Explorers Library (Room 2)
  • The Lab of Dr Zol (Room 3)

Sneak-Peak of  ‘The Lab of Dr Zol’

The secret hideout and laboratory of the mysterious Romanian geneticist and biologist Dr. Zol Pasted. In his late years he focused his experiments on some kind of blood elixir. The formula is gone and so is the doctor, some say that the secret blood serum is still hidden inside the lab somewhere. Can you find it and escape before the police arrive.

My encounter at ‘The Lab of Dr Zol’

It got me really thrilled when I got an invitation to explore the most mysterious game room ‘The Lab of Dr Zol’ at Escape Quest. I have dissected the quest with my two most favorite people in hand as my team – My Hubby and My Brother. As per game rule, our game master Mr.Louis locked us in the bizarre and uncanny laboratory of Dr.Zol. We had 60 minutes in hand to bash our head together to solve the tantrums to find 5 blood samples by cracking the codes and finding the keys and to escape from room.

We were trapped, and we had to find a way to set things right before we could escape. At some point it surprised me how it got our brain work really hard. We were proud as strike as we solved many mystery and found 4 blood samples. With incredibly tense atmosphere as the clock ticks away fast, We couldn’t find the last blood samples before it says Times Up in clock. With the help of our generous game master, we put the final items in place and Escaped.

It was one of the most brilliant yet very difficult Escape game i have encountered. There were some interesting tech elements that tied into puzzles and immersion nicely.The game was so well executed that it’s impossible not to grin while you find your way through the choices, and hopefully eventually find a way out to Escape. Definitely it is the best puzzle game in the city.


TEL: 055 284 5382



2004 (20th Floor) HDS Business Centre, Cluster M, Jumeirah Lakes Towers.


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