Tresind – A Gastronomic Genius!!

Ramadan & Summer Menu!

About Tresind

Très (French) – adj. very. e.g.  très bien: ‘very’ good.

Ind – Abbreviation for India; a country rich in heritage, cuisine and culture.

Tresind – Very India !!

Tresind showcases an awe-inspiring culinary experience with a modern take on Traditional Indian Cuisine providing a Modernized Indian Fine Dinning experience. Executive Chef Himanshu Saini brings a concept in molecular gastronomy to Dubai for the very first time and still prevails as the best in town. Tresind outshines in quality, taste, flavors and presentation. Their visually engaging live demo presentation will leave you utterly astonished.

Tresind has bagged the Zomato award for the ‘Highest Rated Restaurant in Dubai’ , The Masala award for ‘Best Fine Dining Restaurant in Dubai’ and TimeOut award for ‘Highly Recommended Indian Restaurant’

My Dinning Experience

Tresind has been my favorite Indian fine dinning since from the very first time I have dined there. This time I returned to my favorite restaurant for the preview of their Ramadan and Summer menu.

CC: Tresind


CC: Tresind

Tresind offers truly an unique Iftar and Suhoor menu with ample of dishes to amaze you. Their menu was focused on regional special iftar staples while also embraces their signature dishes. They offers a concept of sit-down buffet with a lavish spread to delicious food. Also, Trisind ticks all the columns of being the best fine dinning in town with their astounding hospitality. Priced at 200 AED per person for Ramadan set menu, it is one of the top spot in Dubai for Iftar/Suhoor . I might sound biased about Tresind as it’s my favorite restaurant but trust me when I say this and you will thank me later !!

On to our arrival we were greeted with a personal welcoming note from the Co-founder Mr.Bhupender Nath. It was a very impressive gesture .

Our Iftar started with an aromatherapy with Rose fragrance. Isn’t like a first impression done it right? Hell YES!!. Quite impressed already, my ravenous tummy was ready to relish in the Tresind treats! ❣.

My favorites from what I ate: 

(PS . Few of the dishes & drinks are not inclusive in the Ramadan set menu.)


  • Rooh Afzah Lava Lamb

This drink was concocted live in our table with Dry ice, Cranberries, Raspberries , Passion fruit & Roof Afzah❤️.It was nothing short of a amazeball chemistry lab experiment that wowed us totally😱❤️. You can’t ask for anything better than this ❤️. Probably one of the best Mocktail I have had ❤️.

Amuse Bouch

  • Crudités– French salad consisting of vegetables in yogurt foam dip. A beautifully constructed salad which complemented in terms of texture & flavor❤️.
  •  Dates candy – Dates with pistachio & popping candy. Dates popping in your mouth- That’s something you can’t stop munching 😭 ❣.
  • Meat fruit – Kumquat filled with chicken & duck liver paste. Though I’m not a fan of this dish but surprisingly It tasted so good (yes I mean it) & loved it’s creamy consistency 😱❤️.
  • Steamed edamame with Wild Zatar – Edamame is my favorite snack & I absoultely loved the Zatar seasoning.
  • Saffron & Almond milk – Totally adore those cute bottles it was served in & tastewise it was delicous.


  • Lamb Nihari

Lamb shank overlaid on nihari curry & topped with gold leaf❤️. This dish was the highlight of our Iftar ❤️. The meat was vey tender & succulent . The curry has elevated this dish with an explosion of flavor💣❤️. It tasted amazing with naan.

  • Butter Chicken 

Yet another flavorsome curry ❤️. Tender chicken chunks in the rich & thick cream base curry. I loved the flavor & spice balance of this dish & it tasted wholesome ❤️.

Roast Tajine

  • Baked Seabass

Beautifully constructed seafood dish from their Ramadan & Summer menu ❤️! Seabass was cooked to perfection and the veggies bed just elevated this dish by giving it perfect texture. Bit on spicy side but tasted lip smacking delicious 😻.

  • Tandoori Prawns

Beautifully cooked aromatic tandoori prawns was my yet another favorite dish from Iftar menu! They have similar version in their summar menu. OMG those prawns- I couldn’t stop devouring it 😻❤️. The Chef has totally nailed the recipe of this tandoori dish! 😱❤️ .


  • Deconstructed Black Forest cake

The ultimate dessert from Tresind that stood out totally. Noway you could skip this dessert when you dine here. It was yet another dish that was concocted live in our table with Chocolate sand, Chocolate cake crumbs, Doda barfi, Solidified cream (with nitrogen oxide), Caramel sauce, Hot chocolate sauce, Chocolate flakes & Cranberries. An absolute sinful dessert – Phenomenal creation of Chef !! APPLAUSE!!

  • Daulat Ki Chaat 

That’s exactly how I devoured that very delectable dessert Daulat Ki chaat. The Tresind version of this old Indian speciality was very light in texture that will just melt in your mouth. And, pretty much a eye pleasing presentation with edible Gold dust & rose petals!

Hit/Miss Dishes

  • Mushroom Chai

As a Tresind-holic, I so wanted to love this much raved Mushroom Chai from Tresind. But it’s the truffle that just don’t get along with me 😭 (Sore Realation👿) . Yes it’s just Me! Nevertheless, it is one of the most recommended item from their menu! Basically it’s a mushroom soup that’s served in the foam of a tea with dehydrated mushroom and solidified truffle oil. It will be a definite hit if you love earthy flavor of truffle.

  •  Ramadan Sweet Platter

This sweets platter is included in the Ramadan menu. It comprises of small portions of different sweets delicacies from different states of India. Few of them were too sweet for my liking. However I absolutely loved the Kaju Katli part. Moreover it was plated so beautifully & to add a top notch to presentation, it was topped with edible gold leaf.

  • Lamb Shank/ Vension Biriyani 

Personally I would prefer their Curry or Roast Tajine dishes over Biriyanis. Nevertheless to say, both the biriyanis were  very aromatic with beautifully tender meat.


We ended our wonderful iftar delights with a hot cuppa of green tea & a paan flavored complementary candy floss – an absolute bliss. Presentation of candy floss was just too beautiful.


  • Ramadan set menu – 200 AED Per Person
  • Lava Lamb – 75 AED
  • Deconstructed Black Forest Cake – 160 AED
  • Daulat Ki Chaat – 120 AED
  • Wild Mushroom Chai – 95 AED


  • Ambience – 4/5
  • Service – 4/5
  • Food – 4.5/5


Level 2, Nassima Royal Hotel, Sheikh Zayad Road, Area, – Dubai


04 4489523



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