Mayrig, Downtown Dubai

Iftar at Mayrig

Mayrig is one of the foremost Armenian restaurants in town that serves pure rich unsophisticated Armenian cuisine in the real authentic way. Nested in the heart of Downtown Dubai, this Armenian restaurant has been a reference for good Armenian food since it opened. Mayrig has a very impressive decor which is like an old homey place in an Armenian setup with interesting design items, all mixed together to decorate this classy restaurant.
However their food is more sublime than any other details. It will take you back to those days where food was real and tasty without any add-ons or extravagant look. Possibly, your taste buds will experience a new kind of extravaganza.

The Iftar set menu has ample of classic Armenian treats with Lebanese influences in order to feast the guests on a dazzling array of flavors.

We started our Iftar with a delightful spread of appetizers followed by delicious spread of main course dishes and desserts. I really loved the simplicity of each dishes yet packed with flavors. What impressed me even more is that, most of the dishes were very healthy and light.

My Favorites from what I ate


  • Halabi Roti

Appetizers were on spotlight in their Iftar set menu. This is that one dish that will definitely take me back to this restaurant. It’s a aleppo style roast beef served with muhamara. It was packed with flavors. The muhamara was the highlight of this dish.  Nothing like this I have tasted ever before. Even after my iftar feast I couldn’t stop to plunge further into the muhamara. It’s something not to be missed. (Muhamara is a fondly served dip in Armenian cuisine thats is made out of  Aleppo pepper, ground walnuts, breadcrumbs, and olive oil)

  • Vaspov Keufteh

These lentil kebbe were very light and perfectly soothing that will melt in your mouth. It tasted surprisingly so delicious that you won’t expect from a simple dish like this.

  • Tap Top

These grilled kebbe is stuffed with walnuts and red pepper. I was totally blown away with the texture and flavor of this dish. It was so crunchy from outside yet so soft from inside with sumptuous stuffing.

  • Hommos Basterma

Hommos topped with Armenian smoked beef. A typical mix of the Lebanese and Armenian dish. The smoked flavor of beef was the highlight of this cold mezze.

  • Gdzou Patates

These spicy fried potatoes were probably the best I have had. It was perfectly crisp and beautifully seasoned. So simple dish yet tasted so delicious.

Main course

  • Oriental Chicken & Rice 

The rice and chicken was cooked beautifully with perfect spice balance. Loved the addition of roasted almonds and cashew nuts that added an amazing textural element. The gravy on side, serves as perfect accompaniment.

  • Meat Balls with Vermicelli Rice

Meat balls in tomato based gravy served with vermicelli rice. The meat balls were so tender and went well with tomato gravy which was well balance wth spice.Overall, it was absolutely delicious.


  •  Banirov maamoul

Hot cheese centered maamoul that could be enjoyed with drizzle of warm sugar syrup & raspberry compote. It was sinfully delicious.

  • Sultani Anoush

Milk pudding with apricot coulis and pistachios. Probably it was the best milk pudding I have had. Surprisingly it was not very sweet and tasted magnificent.


We ended our iftar feast with a hot cuppa of spiced Armenian tea & Turkish coffee. A perfect ending for vibrant Armenian food.


150 AED per person for Iftar set menu


Food – 4.5/5

Ambiance – 4/5

Service – 4/5


Opposite Al Manzil Hotel, Mohamad Bin Rashid Boulevard, Downtown, Dubai.


04 4539945

Table reservation recommended



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