Yakitate – Japanese Boutique Bakery.

Yakitate is a sort of Japanese heaven- A pretty pink space with cherry blossoms and most delectable selection of Japanese staples exuding a freshly oven baked aroma . From the much hyped Japanese soufflé Cheesecake to Internet sensation ‘Sushi Burger’ or could be their refreshing Mocktails or traditional coffee, this spot has every element to tantalize your palate.

What we ordered ;

  • Soufflé Cheescake Mixed fruit – 22 AED

Tasted absolute divine that you would probably know why it has been raved so much! It was very rich & moist & was served warm with vanilla ice cream on side! Also, the strawberry syrup giving it a perfect glaze, however I would prefer just a plain warm chessecake🤔❤️.

  • Siphon Coffee for two – 25 AED


This Vacuum Coffee Maker brewed beautifully structured and almost impossibly intricate coffee in flavor and aroma. Siphon coffee was all about extraordinary coffee with the astounding  fusion of aromatic depth and complexity. Coffee Lovers – Aren’t you hearing me.

  • Red Bean Bun – 7 AED

A squashy sesame bun with sweetened red bean filling. Tasted interestingly different and incredibly moist.

  • Matcha Frog – 8 AED

Creamy Matcha filling gives it a perfect flavor & tasted absolutely delishhh💚💚. Isn’t it cute too🐸🐸💚. This bakery sells picturesque treats that they are too beautiful to eat.

  • Melon Bun with Matcha -8 AED

I loved the macha crust of the perfectly moist melon bun. It’s one among the (so many) of their best sellers.

  • Hello Kitty – 9 AED

I might be biased about this one as It was too pleasing to eyes! The bun was very soft that oozes out the creamy milk caramel filling. Tasted perfectly delish 😻💕🙆🏻.

  • Chocolate Ampaman- 8 AED

A bun with Japanese comic character face?? Why not be a Ampaman 🙂 A beautifully moist with gooey chocolate filing🍩.  it was absolutely heavenly! I loved it because it had the perfect amount of richness of chocolate, but not too chocolaty in which it didn’t clash the texture of bun.

  • Red Bean Frappe- 20 AED

Though it didn’t wow me as it’s not one of the best drink from menu, nevertheless it had a quite interesting red bean flavor 🙄.

  • Wacora White Peach – 12 AED

  • Chicken Teriyaki Rice Burger- 28 AED

I loved the concept of sushi burgers & the flavors definitely wowed me! The combination of perfectly tender chicken meat in sweet & savory teriyaki sauce with sticky Japanese rice was absolutely scrumptious ❤️.

  • Sangria Tea – 15 AED

Must haves from this spot;

  1.  Soufflé Cheescake
  2. Hello Kitty
  3.  Chicken teriyaki Rice Burger
  4. Wacora White Peach
  5. Siphon coffee

Yakitate is by far the best Japanese Boutique Bakery in #MyDubai . The menu is very extensive that there is something for everyone and very pocket friendly. Also it was full of  flavors and care behind their each staple design. I feel this spot worth all the hype.


200 AED for 2 (Depends unless you’re a foodie explorer like us🙈)


Food- 4.5/5

Service- 4/5

Ambiance- 3/5


The Ghurair Center, Al Rigga, Dubai.




Yakitate Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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