Fume,Pier 7 Dubai Marina

 Fume Big Breakfast is Back!!

Start your day as you mean to go on with a breakfast of champions at Fume. Beautifully decorated restaurant with quirky & rustic interior and overview of Dubai Marina with a  stylish surrounding will further add a zeal to your morning.

Their Big Breakfast showcases all of culinary genre’s classics along with hearty and satisfying breakfast specialties. The menu is a happy affair serving porridge, pastries, glorious eggs and even breakfast desserts. Classic savory combinations include egg, sausage,salmon & cheese, while the sweet range from waffles to pancakes.

My Big Breakfast

  • Waffle with mixed berries, whipped creme & maple syrup.

The waffle was exemplary with generous serving of mixed berries & cream giving it a subtle flavor to shine through. Probably the best waffles I have ever had. Perfectly crispy, fluffy & light making it a sinfully delectable breakfast treat! I would definitely sack off any healthy options from the menu to indulge in this luscious Waffle.

  • Arabic Breakfast

Shakshouka with the poached egg is the staple traditional Arabic breakfast of the sort.For the classic rendition, this dish has been kept simple and savory. And when it comes to pairing a fresh skillet of shakshuka with Arabic bread & labneh, simplicity is still the key. Ravenous tummy won’t need much more to make this a satisfying breakfast meal.

  • Rainbow Bagel with  Candy Floss

An a.m sugar rush is a sinful temptations that turn thin dreams into fat pleasures. If you are going to fall off the healthy eating wagon at a.m ,then best make it worthwhile the calories. This beautiful Rainbow bagel  was so perfect and petite it might have been assembled by elf. It was a share friendly dessert with  rainbow colored bagel with cream & saffron candy floss that melted in the mouth with the flavor that’s possibly die-for. I was expecting it to be very heavy, but for my surprise it was not very sweet and tasted perfectly divine.

  • Doughnut Cone Ice Cream

Everyone’s been talking about these Chimney cones, so I just knew I had to get hand on it. This is the fume version of much hyped Chimney Cone.This treat wasn’t just memorable; it worth every single delicious calorie. Fair warning: I am not sharing! This monster cinnamon sugar coated doughnut cone with vanilla ice cream & chocolate syrup is the creamiest and dreamiest of all the wildest dream. This delectable dessert will have your mouth watering for days.

  • High Energy Carotene Catapult

Much Healthier Smoothie fix.This liquid fixer comprises of carrot, red capsicum, ginger & beetroot. Not very impressive in taste wise but I wouldn’t mind getting a healthy fix along with lumps of calories.

Fume is the classy eatery in the heart of the Dubai,making it a perfect spot for lavish breakfasts. Nested at Pier 7 Dubai Marina, the tower views alone are worth getting up for . But the breakfasts are spectacular too.


300 AED for two persons.


Food – 4/5

Service – 3.5/5

Ambiance – 4/5


Pier 7, Dubai Marina

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