Katana, Dubai

Summer Sunset Feast.


From the freshest sushi to the most succulent short ribs from robata grill bar,  the stylish Katana has everything to offer from their Summer Sunset menu. So get the chopsticks ready for a true culinary prowness. Itadakimasu !!!

Dubaians have well and truly embraced the food of Japan, with sushi bars and Japanese-themed restaurants popping up throughout the city. But given so much choice, Katana stood out particularly as one of the most fashionable Japanese restaurants in Dubai. Whether it be sublimely fresh sashimi, a bowl of greens in Asian dressing  or the latest deep-fried delicacy or just snacking of delectably fresh edamame  – so take a look at the Katana Summer sunset feast menu. You fancy sashaying into a sushi bar, or nudging your way in to a robata grill bar? Just grab some chopsticks and scroll through the summer sunset menu of the best Japanese restaurant.
Katana, the award wining Robata grill and Sushi bar from Los Angeles – has been a celebrity favorite spot!

Every morsel is exquisite at this creative Japanese that dishes up food with innovative twists in an unassuming and very happening spot of Dubai.


Katana Summer Sunset Menu

  • Garden Salad – Baby Mixed Greens with Soy Vinaigrette

People think of salad only as substitutes for real meals. But salads can be more creative than just a iceberg lettuce. Chefs at Katana have showed us how fresh and delicious salads can be.This versatile salad is a simple mix of baby greens in soy vinaigrette dressing. It’s light and flavorful, perfect for the warm summer days.

  • Edamame


Edamame is the perfect little pick-me-up snack. It’s a staple appetizer at Japanese restaurants, tucked away in their fuzzy little pods and sprinkled with salt. It’s a excellent source of protein, iron and calcium- pretty much perfect & delicious snack that you can’t stop munching.

  • Salmon Carpaccio


A low-carb (possibly no-carb) favorite is Salmon Carpaccio. So delicious on so many levels, your taste buds won’t be sure how to react- just enjoy it. This cut wafer thin salmon with feta and shimeji mushrooms was the not to be missed Japanese staple.It tastes so good and it won’t break your real food eating track. Also it was presented so beautifully, it’ll look like you know what you’re doing. It’ll impress whoever you’re dining with.

  • Negima, Ebi & Asupara


A platter comprising of grilled chicken & green onion in asian marinate (Negima), Tiger prawn in tarragon butter (Ebi)  and grilled asparagus from robata grill bar. These grilled skewers were exquisite and stunning. We could see the Chef working at Robata grill bar, grilling the dishes one after another.  I particularly loved the Tiger prawns with a delicious flavor of tarragon butter.

  • Ebi Jalapeno and  Spicy Tuna roll

Hard to believe there was ever a time when mainstream majority recoiled at the thought of ingesting raw fish. Today, while even at supermarket stock salmon rolls and informed diners belly up to Japanese bars. Katana is one the most stylish sushi bar. The ambiance of this Japanese restaurant will tell you to concentrate on appreciating the sushi items served.Sushi is perfectly timed to be tasted at its best texture – fresh sushi are always best enjoyed. Ebi Jalapeno roll has the popcorn shrimp tempura with jalapeno- it was so addictive. The spicy tuna roll with spicy tuna scallion and sesame oil was fresh and delicious to go down with their exotic cocktails.

  • Yakiniku 

Yakiniku, literally meaning ‘grilled meat’, is the Japanese take on the Korean barbecue and one of the most popular dining styles in Japan. Katana’s take on Yakiniku was dished up as most succulent meat in Asian marinate and grilled in Robata grill bar. Perhaps the best dish of all was what they called as Yakiniku. It was well executed, piping hot, and ample in portion. This famous Japanese dish here served with flavorful short ribs and just the right amount of chili-heat and sweetness. Absolutely a winning dish.

  •  Desserts 

Sure doctors and nutritionists and pretty much the whole Internet say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but I beg to differ- It’s definitely dessert. And few of the desserts are best served in Japanese restaurants. Could it be Apple Banana Harumaki (Mango, apple and banana flitter with Vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce) or just a simple Coconut ice cream – they are mind-numbingly delicious.

It doesn’t get any more Japanese than a piping hot serving of banana filter dusted with cinnamon sugar and served with vanilla ice cream. This rich dessert was tasted beautifully good on side of a hot cuppa of macha green tea. The creamy coconut ice cream as well was so  delicious.

Katana  is one of the best places in Dubai to appreciate the finest of Japanese food. From traditional sushi to creative contemporary fusion- Everything was exquisite.

The cosy interior creates the feeling of a meal prepared in chic ambiance, with the servers describing each dish as diners watch it being prepared at the counter.

The summer sunset menu emphasizes traditional Japanese cuisine, along with experimental robata grill bar dishes. The succulent meat dishes and fresh sushi are particularly exceptional. For those who are looking for an ultimate dinner date, this place has perfectly romantic zeal with a panoramic view of Burj khalifa. A special  mention to their very famous Japanese hospitality. On arrival, all the attenders greeted us much pleasingly with a Japanese word IRASHAIMASE (Welcome) and were bid goodbye with yet another word ARIGATO (Thank you).


180 AED per person for Summer sunset set menu.


Food – 4/5

Service – 4/5

Ambiance – 5/5


Lakeside, The Promenade, The Address Downtown Dubai.


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