Carnival by Tresind

A Gastronomic Extravaganza!!

Once a gastronomic punchline, Dubai is now among the world’s most exciting and adventurous city to eat out in, from casual dining to fine dining. In a market suffused with foodie pop-ups, Tresind – The Modernist Indian restaurant still manages to be a stand-out gem for its cool and quirky equal measures in theatrical presentation and experimental food.  Dining at Tresind can often be a a Carnival but this time it’s for real when Tresind showcases a surreal dinning experience by presenting its brain child CARNIVAL by Tresind – A post modern Indian cuisine to World.

Carnival is a gastronomic extravaganza, a jamboree of food and fun that back-pedal your childhood memory line with nostalgic culinary experience with modernist distort. Carnival comes alive with its classic and chic interior, playful wizardry of mystical culinary technique that dish out post modern creations, innovative cocktails with theatrical presentation, exotic spectacles and amazingly talented  Chefs combining to create a dazzling dinning out – perfect for a spot of escapism.It evokes a carnival atmosphere in its exuberantly decorated premise and offers a post modern Indian menu full of culinary delights.

We had a gala time at this fanciful wonderland that awestruck us through out our dinning.We had a banquet of celebration with an elaborated 15 course menu each from Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian section that was a mishmash of fun and gorgeous food.  A nice post-modern Indian menu with theatrical meal, each course punctuated by a series of elements that encompassed celebration around our dinning table – that started with a bubble blow.

A run-down on dishes from the Vegetarian & Non-Vegetarian menu

Happy Halloween

When its Carnival- there has to be a Halloween ingredient. A food loving fanatic can’t resist this quirky fusion of Indian kulcha bread filled with spiced or sweetened pumpkin mash- yes you will be pretty confused if it was spicy or sweet on your first bite but you just know it was delicious every bite.

Makhan Phal

Unless you are Chef Himanshu Saini , you wouldn’t imagine of a beautiful concoction of fermented cacao butter hive with avocado and lime cream.  An amazing creation that had a melt-in-mouth texture. Look no further, it’s one of the best presented dish from the menu.

 La Tomatina beverage soup

Each dishes surfaced at the dining table like a  ‘the show after the show’ .  How about the cold essence tomato shorba (soup) served in a champagne bottle with cheese bread stick serving as it’s cork – Just in when you begin the celebration in the right way.

Life is short Eat dessert first

This quote would be the story of my life and then when there is a dish in the menu quoting it – I just knew it’s mine. A jalebi chaat with yogurt mousse, potatoes and chickpeas in tamarine and green chutneys. Probably this dish could be the best of Indian gastronomy with an innovative touch.


Cauliflower florets kempu with chili and coconut chutney. A beautifully presented  deliciousness unlikely to send you to sleep. It makes excited children of us, and having tasted it, we cannot disagree.

 Malai  Baraf

Litchi granita with raspberry rose water and fresh milk skin that was presented beautifully in a tiny ice sculpture – it is a palette cleanser  of dreams. Take a scope into them and you get a very different intense but sweet flavor. Life – affirmingly good.

Games of corns

Corn curd and coconut cutlet with goji berry chutney and kewpie mayo. Carnival showcases everything that is great about about fun factor cooking or you could say  ‘heaven’ is a soft, gently spiced corn curd and coconut cutlet, while ‘earth’ combines goji berry chutney with faintly sweet kewpie mayo. It’s thoughtful, yet simple and delicious.

Vada Pav Service

Chef approaches your table wearing a yellow hard cap and toolbox that represent the Mumbai mill workers and creatively assembles the most delicious Vada pav. In a single mouthful you’ll get the lingering hit of potatoes with onions , chilies , every other 15 to 20 ingredients use. Best part was the soft and fresh pav.


Orange and Kashmiri saffron Popsicle. The thing that hooked me to Carnival right from our first dish was their classic take post modern delicacies . The moment you see our childhood favorite Popsicle you will either die, or simply feel like you’ve died and gone to heaven.

Gol hatti

The Chandni Chowk’s famous palak chole served with steamed kulcha and carrot pickle salad. The fact that you can munch on this classic dish as whole, all the while gazing at the breathtaking interior – and a triumph of flavor, texture and vision.

Dal Phulka

Yellow lentil cappuccino with fresh truffle ghee and cumin coco and  served with phulka cookie. The lentil cappuccino is strong enough not to be overpowered by the truffle ghee, and the resulting dish is a masterpiece.

Indian fried Chicken

Chicken pakora coated with bondi crisp.  The heart of many a food pilgrim was set aflutter by this simple brilliance of  fried chicken ball, from the warm, oozing cheese center to the toothsome casing the coating of bondi crisp.


South Indian ginger prawns with palm sugar caramel and curry leaf crisp. It had a perfect balance of texture and flavor with crispy, sweet and salt, is worth seeking out. A seriously moreish, unashamedly decadent dish.

Uncle chips

Beef tartar with iconic chips of India. It was presented with a fun element(basically toy) ‘cat in a bag’ that fills us with childish glee with playful presentation. It is rounded as delicious beef tartar dip with Indian potato chips.

Mutton dressed as Lamb

The show-stopper dish of the evening- mutton galouti chop with lamb jus nihari and served with fermented dough bread. My partner was taken totally awe struck by this amaze-ball creation of Chef Himanshu Saini and team. It is beautifully tender mutton kabab dressed like a lamb chop, it’s richness counterpointed by a startlingly rich jus nihari.  It’s much more than a kebab of minced lamb, but the skill of genius chef and the intense flavor and texture that elevate it to something truly special.

Go Banana

A bewildering yet splendid take on Banoffee pie – toffee panacotta ,pie tuile and ilaichi banana ice cream. Just make sure you finish it before your other half, or else you will catch it in the neck later on.

The betels

The betel leaf macaroon – or you call it a sweet paan. It’s culinary theatre of the best kind, and guess what – it’s delicious, too.


A hot cuppa of filter coffee is famous south Indian staple. A decadent with sweet through with each spoon, it’s shut-your-eyes-drown-out-the-world kind of good – a piece of heaven for coffee lovers.


Inspired by Bombay’s famous k Rustom’s ice cream sandwich – these ice cream sandwich presented in a Rustom house was simply glorious. There was something about this little ice cream slab sandwich that back peddled to my favorite memory line of childhood. The moment I devoured it – it left me wanting for more.

Exotic Mocktails

The bar manager Sherin John showcases stunningly exquisite cocktails and mocktails. Every next cocktail is designed with the fruit lover in mind. The feature fruit not only contributes to the exotic flavor, but is also sure to infuse it with fresh herbs. Everything was refreshingly delicious with theatrical presentation.

Crazy Frog

Skull Candy

Choice of Garden

When you want entertainment to go with your meal, consider dining at one of the city’s newly extraordinary restaurant Carnival. A feast for the eyes, the theatrical decor is complemented by Post Modern Indian cuisine. It will certainly evoke your favorite childhood memory and take you to magical culinary drive.


Food – 5/5

Service – 5/5

Ambiance – 5/5


Burj Damam , DIFC.

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