The HUBB, Melia Dubai

Nightlife – Dance till you drop!!

You don’t have to be a nightlife usher or party animal to know that Dubai is affluent with some of the finest clubs on the planet. Whether you’re after a hardcore night out or something more laid back, whatever your taste in music and whatever kind of party you’re looking for, you will find it all in incredible venues that host full-on techno parties to vast and globally acclaimed clubbing institution to something more iconic and relaxing lounges.

You will never be bored when partying in this incredible city that is rightfully known for its nightlife. Whether that means sophisticated cocktail dens, friendly dive lounges or only dance clubs, the City’s after-dark entertainment is just as electrifying as it ever was.

My clubbing experience at The Hubb

The Hubb, located at the Melia Dubai is the epitome of  cool clubbing venue – thus, any self-respecting fan of dance music in any form should visit when you’ve seen the fun you can have in this gargantuan beat playground.

Laid out across  dance floors , private lounge and bars, there’s lots of buzzing vibes in the ambiance. This new nightclub venue has a face lift spawned with a beautiful red carpet walk way to entrance, glamorous gallery  with chic interior and the beefy sound system with a tech boost.

Long-running rock night has made it’s home at The Hubb on the weekends. I had been to this venue on Friday night featuring Nalaya Brown,a Jazz, soul, R&B and electronic singer. Nalaya, all the way from Rio De Janeiro who had literally stirred the crowd with her electrifying live performance.

The aura of the club and the crowd was lively,  zestful, vibrant,sparkling, bouncy, bubbly, enthusiastic, zealous and fiery – I’m flooded with words. I had an incredible time dancing on beats with ever so happening blogger JivewithDeepthi at the private lounge of The Hubb. What a night – I must say!!


The Melia Dubai.

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