Sol , Sharjah

Sol ,a chic and modish cafe, is putting Sharjah on the foodie’s map as they go bonkers for their decadent creations. And it’s their too-good-to-be-true milkshakes, sliders and rolls, that are very quickly charming the hungry eyes of food fanatic -so basically everybody !
To help you prepare for this weekend’s blowout, here are the Milkshakes and rolls bringing all the boys and girls to Sharjah – the stuff of cheat day dreams.


Caution – Continue reading of this write up can put you in a serious drooling situation.

Shake SOL-Craziest Milkshakes from your wildest dream!

Unless you’ve been hiding under a lactose intolerant rock, you might have noticed things have gone a bit cray cray in milkshake land. Just blending in a few cookies or ice cream is so outworn now. Eat Sol has taken their dairy delights to the next level, serving up seriously amazing drinks.


“Snickers N’ M&M’s milkshake” – A peanut butter shake with peanut butter rim with M&M candy, topped with a mountain of whipped cream , M&M’s candy, snickers, pretzel and caramel sauce – A monster to put in food coma. Unless you’ve been sleeping in a WiFi-free cave for the last few months, you would have already seen and drooled over this freaking Milkshake. Instagrammers, go – it is a mandatory post for your handle.


Then arrives the God-send “Lotus shake” – how in heaven a milkshake can taste so freaking good. Being a Dubai lad, you can’t unseen the importance of ‘Lotus biscoff’ in your life-I mean it’s getting crazy (Good). SOL has took the lotus drinks to a whole new level in this Lotus shake which includes Vanilla frosting rim with lotus crumbles, topped with whipped cream, lotus crumble(again), Mars chocolates, Lotus biscuit and Lotus caramel sauce. No one has ever said, “too much of lotus is bad for you”! And make sure you order some sliders and rolls to go with that shake unless you look like a snowman due to overly consumed calories. But snowmen are kind of cute so -just order!

Eat SOL- Sliders, Rolls and Fries are the food made in Heaven.

LOOK, I’m not pretending this is the first time anyone has wrote about Sol Kofta sliders or Chicken Dynamite or Batata shawerma fries- It’s everywhere and everyone’s favorite.


There’s a new consensus in the sliders community, potato buns are in and old school bun is out. Kofta slider is a merrymaking of soft potato bun with well-done kofta patty, grilled onion and tomato and biwaz salad dripping with SOL sauce. It’s a flawless slider-burger execution with distinctive and  addictive flavor with exquisite balance. It’s just in right size (may be small but you can eat a lot of them, burp!!). 


Picking just one of the masterpieces shawerma at this city is no easy task, since shawerma is nothing short of a national treasure. Urge for possibly best shawerma roll will land you at SOL for their Dynamite Shawerma roll- this bad boy with soft potato bun is piled with chicken shawerma, coleslaw, spring onion and dynamite sauce. These babies are so delicious provided that you won’t be able to stop yourself from consuming them.


French fries may be the most magical food in the universe especially the one loaded-up mess of tots. SOL’s Batata w shawerma is a glorious meal on their own. It’s a heap of french fries loaded with chicken shawerma, cheddar cheese, SOL sauce, fried onion and jalapeno.  They’re somehow simultaneously light and airy and richly flavored, so you eat one of these fry-mountains yourself all alone. Heck, you don’t even really need the ketchup with it.


This ultra chic cafe is giving us some NYC cafe scene goals and it’s new found favorite in the city . So get down to Sharjah , grab those crazy good milkshake, fries and rolls and get some rad pictures for your Instagram.


150 AED for two.


Al Buhaira, Near Copthorne Hotel, Al Majaz, Sharjah


Food -4/5

Ambiance – 3.5/5

Service – 3.5/5

SOL Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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