McDonald’s – The New Signature Collection!!

Dubai is awash with buns, patties and salads  from food truck to casual dining to fine dining getting in on to the burger action.But that doesn’t mean sorting your meat-in-a-bun fix is trickier because there is always a McDonald’s burger fix- as life is too short for unflavored meat, dry buns, soggy salad and cold cheese.


So, without any further ado, let me revel the new burger sensation, the recently launched McDonald’s -The New Signature Collection that flaunts three signature gourmet burgers with an  array of clever combinations.


  • The Mushroom

Hands-down for the most incredible burger as it stands in my memory as my best burger till date – I’m not even exaggerating. It’s impossibly flavorsome burger with buttered artisan roll, prime cuts of pure Angus beef patty, earthy flavored mushrooms,   old-fashioned American cheddar cheese,caramelized onions and finished off with black pepper mayo. I particularly loved the luscious combination of mushroom and caramelized onion with that succulent beef patty.


  • The Clubhouse

This burger is a carnivorous scream! Most of us have grown up with the American icon ‘Big Mac’ and discovering ‘The Clubhouse’ was a true bet.This outrageous bad boy is piled with a gloriously thick and juicy beef patty ,tangy Big Mac sauce, caramelized onions,  Swiss Emmental cheese,smoked cuts of crispy beef strips and finished off with additional serving of Big Mac sauce – a meat-lovers burger of dream!


  • The Chicken Mexicano

If chicken burger is your thing- you will go cray over this zesty chicken burger with buttered artisan roll,succulent white chicken breast, breaded to golden brown, smothered in delicious mayonnaise and Swiss Emmental cheese, spicy Jalapenos and topped off with a luxuriant layer of guacamole. Club it with McDonald’s Smoked BBQ shaker fries – A burger fix done right!!


Consider these bad boy burgers as your burger-bucket-list, because your life is simply not complete until you’ve tried them all – again & again!!


Available in all McDonald’s outlets across UAE.

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