Ramadan Exclusive – Iftar at Fairmont Dubai.

Fairmont Dubai is Sharing the Spirit of Ramadan with a Variety of Exclusive Offerings in Elegant Surroundings

Last week I have attended an Exclusive Media iftar preview of Fairmont Dubai where we were taken into a culinary voyage by Executive Chef Tuomas Heikkinen and team. Their iftar have been inspired from many famous Arabian travelers and Explores, and exhibited the tradition and culture of Middle East.

I particularly loved the Family style dinner and the soothing atmosphere that was set exclusively for Media Iftar preview! During the holy month of Ramadan, Fairmont Dubai will unveil an authentic Iftar offerings in an exclusive and elaborately decorated Ramadan tent at the Cascade Restaurant .

Inspired by the voyage of many famous Arabian travelers and explorers, the all-day dining restaurant, Cascades is transformed into a traditional tent under the hotel’s soaring atrium. A beautiful fusion between the hotel’s contemporary themed lobby and the regal Ramadan tent that will take guests back in time.

From eight influential cuisines (The Arabian Peninsula, Egypt, former Ottoman Empire, Levant, Southeast Asia, Morocco, Persia and Mughal) prepared in time-honored traditions and complemented by authentic Arabian hospitality, Cascades will serve the city’s finest traditional fare in a true culinary style. 

Led by the skilled Executive Chef Tuomas Heikkinen and his team, guests will be treated to an unforgettable taste of Ramadan with the traditional lamb Ouzi, Lebanese mix grill, chicken shawarma, shrimp biryani, Arabic fish with a spicy sauce, and a genuine crowd pleaser – Umm Ali. Each dish from the eight influential regions will be prepared by talented chefs, who hail from the respective countries, ensuring that Fairmont Dubai’s Iftar will have a truly authentic dining experience.

Be it the magnificent Middle Eastern or International Iftar buffet, guests are sure to find their own special moment at Fairmont Dubai.

Iftar Buffet is available daily at Cascades during the holy month of Ramadan from sunset until 9.30pm, and is priced at AED210 per person, including Ramadan juices.

Special group rates are available at Cascades as well as Private Iftar venues on the 33rd floor.


Call +971 4 311 8316

Email dbi.fbconcierge@fairmont.com 

visit fairmont.com/Dubai.

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